Disc Pump Operating Principles

The Adaptek Disc pump have no close tolerances. It is not a centrifugal, positive displacement, gear, or lobe pump. With a unique and innovative design, the Disc pump bridges the performance gaps of conventional pumps and is capable of out-performing all of them in many applications.

With no radial loads; the disc pump uses a new technology that isnt available in any other pump design. The technology of the disc pump harnesses the natural power of boundary layer and viscous drag. A bounday layer of fluid molecules collects and rotates with the discs. This creates a natural, protective buffer that separates the pump from the fluid.

No Impingement, non pulsating laminar flow allows for viscous drag. Through viscous drag, the fluid is pulled through the pump without impingement. The bounday layer attracts the drags and successive layers of fluid molecules into layered flows of parallel streams. This is the simple principle of viscous drag and in the disc pump it is a powerful dynamic force that 'pulls' the fluid through the pump in a smooth laminar, non turbulent flow.

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