Adaptek Disc Pump- Sludge Filter Press

Adaptek Disc Pumps have enjoyed unprecedented success in heavy-dutyindustrial filter press dewatering applications. The unique Adaptek automatic pump control system in conjuction to the Adaptek vaneless disk pump is the optimal fit for industrial filter presses. Adaptek Pumps ability to provide high flows for the initial fill or ‘precoating’ cycle and high pressures (under higher speeds) for the top-off cycle has benefited major filter press OEMs by allowing them to consolidate the traditional 2-pump system (centrifugal for high flow and a PC or screw pump for high pressure top-of) into a simplified single pump system. The result is a less costly system, with simplified controls and reduced floor space. The Benefits an ADAPTEK system brings:

• Simplified single pump one-button control

• Unprecedented cycle time reduction

• Maximized filter cake quality and consistency

• Ability to handle large tramp solids without damage (see photo)

• Ability to run dry or dead-head without pump damage

• Ability to run without risk of over-pressurizing the system (eliminating the need for a relief valve and related system integration)

• Exponentially improved press reliability due to the minimal pump wear characteristic

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