How does the Adaptek Disk Pump work?

The Adaptek Disk Pump utilizes the molecular principles of the initial boundary layer and viscous attraction. While relying primarily upon these two principles, as a pumping process is relatively new in the design of pumps, it is routinely recognized elsewhere in proces hydraulic engineering, such as in the influence on flow characteristics and friction related loss through a piping system. Fluid forms a staionary layer adjacent to the pipe wall that separates the pipe surface from the balance of the fluid flow. The relative layer thickness increases with viscosity. Each successive layer will move more quickly with highest velocity in the center of the piping.

As with piping, when fluid enters the disk rotor pump, process fluid molecules adhere to the surfaces of the rotor- one or a series of parallel disks- that comprises what is known as the rotor. This creates the initial fluid layer. As the rotor turns, energy is transferred from the inital to successive fluid layers within the space around and/or between the disks through the principle of viscous attraction to generate velocity/pressure within the rotor. This combination of the inital layer and viscous attraction causes a fluid "force field" that accelerates the fluid within and through the pump creating a smooth, turbulence-free laminar flow.

The pumped fluid path is in parallel to the rotor disks the initial fluid layer achieves a fluid barrier essentially protecting the rotor and other internal pump surfaces from effects of the fluid. The result in minimal impact upon the fluid and damage to internal pump components. This is the primarily difference in how the disk pump functions compared to other designs, each of which depends on impingement device such as an impeller vane, or other method of forcing through the pump such as of screw, lobe, gear, hose, diaphragm or others to essentially force the fluid out of the pump.

By minimizing contact between the pump and the process fluid, pump wear is greatly reduced and service interruptions virtually unknown. In applications handling delicate and shear sensitive fluids, product damage is almost completely eliminated. The ability to solve the most ardent and chronic problems has elevated the disk rotor pump to near legendary status within the pump world.

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