Adapting to your pumping need.

Adaptek is on a mission to become the premier producer and supplier of pumps for the most difficult range of applications. Achieving this will come through the combined initiatives of: continuing innovation in design and technologies, diligent control over manufacturing quality, and responsive technically sound services to customers, both before and after the sale.




The disk rotor design has solved the toughest problems where all others have failed. It is able to pump an exceedingly broad range of services including: viscous, solids and abrasives. The ability to resist pump wear translates to minimal damage to process fluids as well. The capacity for pumping ultra shear sensitive products without damage has led to this design being chosen for seemingly unrelated services, from polymers to crystalline products, to latexes and oil/water separator feeds. It is also uniquely capable of pumping fluids with exceedingly high volumes of entrained gas/air, such as foams and crude oil with sand and gases. 

The unparalleled performance has led to an expanded acceptance of this design becoming the top choice of divergent industries, from chemical and petroleum to municipal, food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industries. What all have in common is the goal of seeking relief from the high costs of conventional pump technologies being pressed into services which they suffer from rapid wear, lost performance, constant maintenance, costly replacement parts, all collectively leading to a massive lost profit. The goal of minimizing these cost factors has been realized through trying something different =

The ADAPTEK disk rotor pump technology.