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NEWS FLASH 1 // Mission

The goal of seeking relief from the high costs of conventional pump technologies being pressed into services in which they suffer from rapid wear, lost performance, excessive wear, constant maintenance, costly spare pumps and parts replacement, repeated down-time, unnecessary product damage, all collectively leading to massive lost profits. The goal of minimizing these cost factors has been routinely realized through trying something very different- the ADAPTEK disk rotor pump technology and consequently seeking more new ways to apply it and realize all the advantages.

The Adaptek pump allows for achieving previously unattainable levels of productivity and reliability coupled with minimal Life Cycle Costs.

NEWS FLASH 2 // Advancing

This innovative approach contrasts other pumping designs by achieving unsurpassed levels of reliability and with it greater productivity along with the minimum overall Life Cycle Costs in the most difficult pump applications. This allows for wide use within a wide range of all processing industries. The disk rotor design has solved the toughest problems where all others have failed. it is able to pump an exceedingly broad range of servies including: viscous, solids and abrasives. The ability to resist pump damage translates to minimal damage to process fluids as well. From polymers and crystalline products to foams and crude oil with sand and gases, Adaptek has it covered.

NEWS FLASH 3 // Innovative

By minimizing contact between the pump and the process fluid, pump wear is greatly reduced and service interruptions virtually unkown. In applications handling delicate and shear sensitive fluids, product damage is almost completely eliminated. The ability to solve the most ardent and chronic problems has elevated the disk rotor pump to near legendary status within the pump world. If you are currently struggling with such a problem killing your bottom line, why not explore a totally different approach and find a cure for the problem through Adaptek and the Disk Rotor.