Highly Viscous Fluids

This design utilizes viscous friction; the higher the viscosity the better it pumps. Services include: tank bottoms, clarifier sludge, tar with coke fines and asphalt. Up to 50,000 cPs (centipoise) and higher can be pumped with standard pumps.


Slurries with a High Solid Content

Handles slurries containing up to 80% solids without plugging, wearing excessively or stalling. Examples include: pumping oil and sand slurries, titanium dioxide slurries and drilling muds. 


Severely Abrasive Fluids 

Pumps the most severely abrasive fluids with minimal wear and no maintenance. These include lime slurries, borax, drilling muds with grit and rocks, and ash. 


Delicate and Shear Sensitive Products

Virtually eliminates pump related product damage. Exceptionally effect in handling shear damaging, shear thickening (diligent) and shear thinning (thixotropic) products, such as latexes, polymer emulsions, and crystal slurries. 


Fluids and Entrained Air/Gas

Handles fluids containing high levels of air/gas without vapor-locking while resisting cavitational damage, clouding DAF sludge, crude oils and chemical froths. 


Large and Irregular Solids

Adaptek pump rotor can be configured to handle exceptionally large solids. Solids entering the pump move to the area of highest velocity. The midway point between the disc and pass through without clogging. 


Dry-Run Capability

The disk rotor pump design is capable of being operated indefinitely with zero process fluid.


Material Options

Pumps are available in a wide range of material to suit a broad range of fluids and materials. Options include: Ductile Iron, 316SS, Carbon Steel, Alloy 20, CD4mCU, Hastelloys, Titanium, and others on special request. 


High Temperature and High Pressure Processes

Pumps designed to API-610, 8th Edition Standards are available to address high temperature and high pressure processes.


Higher Production Yield and Improved Product Quality

When pumping delicate, shear sensitive, or otherwise sensitive products, the disk rotor increases productivity by reducing product losses due to the minimal contact pumping mechanism and laminar flow. Savings can be phenomenal with some pumps paying for themselves in a matter of weeks.